Zeptepland Studios Wichita KS


Zeptepland is a full-scale audio production facility situated on an oasis in the heart of Wichita, Kansas.
The studio was designed by master studio designer and acoustician, George Augspurger, to be both a world-class live room and mixing room in one with no partitions or separate booths, which leads to a natural workflow and instant communication. When required, the facility can achieve near-complete separation between sound sources while remaining one room with natural sight lines.
  • Zeptepland Studios Wichita - interior west
  • Zeptepland Studios Wichita KS - interior east
Zeptepland is a hybrid analog / digital studio featuring choice pieces of both vintage & modern analog equipment and a large roster of digital tools. Audio panels are conveniently located around the room which feature microphone, headphone, and stereo keyboard inputs, tie line outputs, as well as MIDI. The Switchcraft patchbays, hand-wired point to point, are intuitively laid out to accommodate an easy, creative workflow. 

The light and rustic studio interior includes large windows overlooking the private grounds, which span an acre and include an in-ground swimming pool and a plethora of lounging options. 

With our large roster of both classic and unique in-house instruments, a variety of equipment rental partners, and access to talented session musicians, arrangers, and transcriptionists, Zeptepland is a great choice for all styles of music and all forms of audio content.

Zeptepland is also available to rent for rehearsals, lessons & classes, auditions, film & photo shoots, and more!


Who AM I?

Oh, hello! I didn’t see you there. I’m AM Namee. I own the audio production complex known as Zeptepland. I’ve been recording and mixing audio since I was 12 years old, when I’d stay up all night teaching myself on a Fostex MR-8 digital 8 track. And I never stopped, no matter my physical location. I came back to my hometown of Wichita, Kansas in order to completely focus on audio and began conceiving of my dream studio, which I was able to turn into a reality when Zeptepland opened in the summer of 2018.

I perform as Zep Tepi and as a member of the bands Zone Ender, Wos Wigwam Weavers, and Wild Cow. When I’m not in the studio, you can probably find me steps away at the pool.
AM Namee in front of a pool
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